The “Instant Buy” service provided through this website is provided by The Bitcoin Brains Inc. (the “Bitcoin Brains”). All payments and personal information associated with this service are collected by Vogogo Inc. (“Vogogo”) and are subject the all terms and conditions associated with the set up of that account.

This service is open only to residents of Canada.

This online bitcoin purchase agreement (the “Agreement”) is intended for the sale of bitcoins from Bitcoin Brains to the customer. All bitcoins be transferred pursuant to this agreement will be sent to the bitcoin address controlled by the customer once each transaction is complete. Bitcoin Brains does not hold a balance of customer funds or bitcoins. This program is intended to facilitate the purchase of bitcoins. It does not represent a security, stock or managed trust.
By using this service to purchase bitcoins, sign up for an account of providing any personal information you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
Once an order has been made and a payment has been received, the bitcoins purchased will be credited to the address supplied by the customer. Neither The Bitcoin Brains Inc. nor Vogogo Inc. are responsible for any mistakes made when submitting this address. As bitcoin transactions are not reversible, no refund will be possible in the event of a user error. Purchased bitcoins will be credited in a timely manner. The Bitcoin Brains aims to keep the total time needed to complete a transaction in full under 1 hour. However, outside of regular business hours or during times of high volume, transactions may take as long as 12 hours to complete.

The BTC/CAD exchange rate displayed on is an estimate of the rate the customer will pay based on the market price at the time. The final rate will be set based on the best available rate at the time that the transaction is completed as determined exclusively by The Bitcoin Brains Inc. (the “Bitcoin Brains”).

Once the purchased bitcoins have been sent to the customer controlled bitcoin address, the safety and security of the bitcoins becomes the sole responsibility of the customer. Please be aware, the bitcoins will only be as secure as the computer or device upon which they are stored. For courses and tutorials on security, please contact the Bitcoin Brains via this website.
All customers will receive an email receipt on the day that the bitcoins are credited.

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