Your business can start saving money now by accepting bitcoin.
Lets get started!

Let’s compare

Let’s assume your business does $1,000,000 in annual sales.

Using Paypal, your costs will be $25,000.
With Square you will pay $27,500.
Moneris will charge you $22,000.

Accepting bitcoin through CAVIRTEX Point of Sale you will pay only $4,500 this year.

Annual Transaction Fees

  • Paypal


  • Square




  • Moneris


Accepting bitcoin will bring more traffic to your business.

CAVIRTEX POS is the easiest way to accept bitcoins in your business:

    Free to set up, Easy to use
    Backed by Canada’s largest bitcoin exchange
    $92,000,000 in bitcoin transactions
    No risk of chargebacks or fraud
    0% fees for the first $100,000 in sales
    Only 0.5% fees after that
    Other businesses taking bitcoin