Bitcoin and blockchain technology are being called the most important innovation since the internet.

The following resources have been compiled to begin to give some specific insight into how this exciting technology might change your profession or industry.
As this is a fairly new technology, public policy, economic and financial policies towards bitcoin can change very rapidly.
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The original whitepaper which outlined the design of the bitcoin protocol.

This is where it all began. The bitcoin whitepaper was published in 2008 by the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto. This can be a fairly technical read.
While this isn’t necessarily a required read for the average user, its very useful for anyone looking to work directly with the bitcoin protocol or blockchain or simply someone looking for a better understanding of what’s doing on here.

The Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce outlines its opinions and recommendations relating to digital currencies to the government.
A fairly comprehensive and balanced view of the possibilities and risks presented to Canadians by digital currencies.
This is an important read for bankers, lawyers and insurance and financial industry professionals.

Lloyd’s of London has released a thorough analysis of the unique risks posed by involvement in the bitcoin ecosystem.
Though the focus of this paper is the insurance industry, it’s a great read for anyone looking to incorporate blockchain technology into their business.