Our custom brokerage services are the best way to buy or sell bitcoins.

Personal Service

Our brokerage service will cater to the unique needs of each user. Let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

Large Volume

With proper identification, we can get you any amount of bitcoins you need at the best rates possible.


The security of our clients and their bitcoins is our top priority. All custom brokerage accounts come with free secure wallet setup and backup.


We can help you make your bitcoins work for you with advanced options for experienced traders and users.

Flexible Payment Methods

We accept cash, debit or bank draft in our office.

Automatic Monthly Purchases

By setting up an automatic monthly bitcoin purchase you can effectively dollar cost average your bitcoin purchase. This spreads out and lowers your risk.


Because we are professional traders, we can apply our experience to find the best deals possible.

As a result of this, we can often offer significantly better prices than buying directly on an exchange.

The following results are a recent comparison based on a $10,000 purchase.


  • LocalBitcoins.com

  • VaultofSatoshi.com

  • CAVIRTEX.com

  • Bitcoin Brains


"If you’re looking to buy, sell or just learn anything and everything Bitcoin, Dave and Andre are the guys to talk to at Bitcoin Brains. Over the last year I have dealt with both of them at least once a month and they have always been knowledgeable and professional to deal with. Highly recommend Bitcoin Brains for anything and everything BTC related. "

− John Fleming, Co-Founder - Real Hardware Reviews

"When we need bitcoins, we always look to Bitcoin Brains. I know we're guaranteed to get prompt service, knowledgeable advice and a great price. In fact, they've made the process so easy, we don't go anywhere else. "

− Mitchell Callahan, CEO - Saucal

"I've been dealing with the Bitcoin Brains for a few months now and they are VERY knowledgeable, I've learned a lot from them in a short time. Most importantly, they are straight up and a pleasure to deal with, I recommend to anybody with an interest in Bitcoin or any crypto currencies to call these guys."

− James Peech, Calgary Business Owner

"Good hearted, trustworthy and knowledgeable guys with a passion for bitcoin and its evolution. Exceptional and detailed service and advice, merged with patience and understanding for the new bitcoin user."

− Hanz Lambrecht, Software Developer

"I have used Bitcoin Brains for purchasing altcoins and mining gear for a while now. They are honest and experienced altcoin professionals and their advice has greatly helped me establish my altcoin business. Calgarians are very fortunate to have these pioneers in their home town! Thanks again guys!!"

− Aaron Altuner, founder of MetalCoin

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